7 Things to look out for before signing that Contract

  1. Understand everything about the employment, fixed term and Permanent contract.
  2. Know about your responsibility and title of job.
  3. Salary and Annual bonus provisions and other benefits – Annual (leave) & sick leave. Do you have paid leave?
  4. Working hours
  5. In what condition your employer can termination you?
  6. Restrictive clauses
  7. Confidentiality

We offer Recruitment and Contracting solutions for our clients, remote HR support for small businesses, a dedicated hire to assist your business.

We are full range of basic HR services and with very approachable price point, which makes us a great supplementary option for growing businesses. Remember, when it comes to HR compliance, it’s rarely a good idea to handle it completely on your own.

AA-Consulting offers remote support in a number of HR areas, including:

HR policy development, implementation, and management

Employee files, compliant employee on boarding and termination support

Coaching and guidance from a dedicated HR expert

Full guidance on labour regulations and compliance

For more guidelines and how you can be complaint contact us via email us info@africanambition.co.za


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