Background Checks

African Ambition Consulting offers verification services both nationally and internationally as part of their service offering. Performing background checks on candidates or employees are imperative considering the degree of fraudulent claims by certain individuals which is very costly to companies financially and productively.

Experience a fresh enthusiastic approach to the verification world through the African Ambition Consulting. Allowing us to conduct background checks on the claims by the candidate or employee will assist the company to make informed decisions and to hire the right candidate every time.

We want to save organizations fortunes by hiring honest and true employees to assist in achieving the organizational objectives. Experience the now, a minimum of two working days turnaround time for a verification confirmation, however, for international inquiries this is determined by different time zones. We offer 24/7 online access. All verifications will be processed upon the receipt of a consent form signed by the applicant. Fully completed consent avoids unnecessary and time-consuming delays.

Driver’s license verification

Past employment verification

Criminal Checks

Address verification

ID Verifications

Professional Membership Association

Credit Checks

Social Media

Employment Reference Checks

Fraud Checks


International Checks

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We have been conducting checks for 7 years and more, we are believe in being responsible, integrity, accountability and honesty.

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