We are excited to share our collaboration with Solace Employee Benefits by Legal and Tax to introduce to you Core employee benefits. These Core benefits are designed to assist you with many of the challenges you may face in your personal capacity which may be legal, tax, financial, debt, or trauma-related. The benefits below are available to you, your spouse, and children under the age of 18.

Core + Plus Plan Benefits

Legal Advice & Assistance

With just one phone call, a highly experienced lawyer is available to listen and draft standard legal documents such as Letters of Demand and Wills. We will assist your employees with legal advice on all matters other than labour disputes.

Tax Advice & Assistance

No Stress. No confusion. From submitting annual tax returns to communicating with SARS directly on their behalf, the Solace team of experts are available for your team.

Debt Counselling & Financial Wellness

Debt collectors walking through your doors? Are your staff over-indebted and requesting loans? Let us educate your employees. Budgeting and responsible lending are a priority. A Free Credit Report, guidance and analysis of your credit score. Assistance with improving your credit score.

Trauma Assist

Trauma Assist will connect members to a crisis manager within minutes. From telephonic trauma counseling to a private ambulance service, Solace goes the extra mile for our members.

Accidental death & Disability Benefits

Get additional funds due to Temporary disability, Hospital confinement or Accidental Death.

Family funeral cover

The Solace range of funeral plans gives family members access to the finances they need at the right time.

Education, training & guidance

It is our first priority to ensure that your team are proactive when using their solutions. Our consistent communication ensures that your employee calls us first when they need assistance. We are here to make your employees smarter with access to the assistance they need.

Accidental and Death Disability Cover

In the event of a sudden unexpected and specific event which occurs at an identifiable time and place, resulting in injury, your employees will benefit from up to R60 000 On a resulting death, the employee's beneficiary will be paid up to R60 000. If a permanent disability is diagnosed, pay-out will be calculated based on the extremity of such disability. 

The following complimentary cashback benefits are made available to your employees. These benefits may only be claimed against the accident claimed upon. All benefits are to be paid in full by the employee and upon claim, your employee shall be reimbursed.

Funeral Cover

We are pleased to be able to offer your employees 2 levels of funeral benefits R15 000 cover and R20 000 cover

Benefit Features:

Claims are paid out in under 24 hours of receiving a completed claim and valid supporting documents

These benefits cover the main members, spouse and children under the age of 18

Our policy never expires

The maximum entry age for both policies is 74 years

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