Our Talent acquisition approach focuses on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skill set.


Permanent and Executive Recruitment:

From senior management to C-suite roles, we’re connected to the highest level of talent across the globe. With our proven retained methodology, your assignment becomes our highest priority; you’ll gain access to the highest calibre talent, quickly and exclusively.

RPO Consultancy

we can work in partnership with your team or take full ownership for managing your internal recruitment strategy, delivering you invaluable insights and volume cost-savings.

Project specific recruitment

AAC Fin Recruit

AAC ICT Recruit

"Our Pricing is competitive as offer our clients, peace of mind in paying for our services."

Virtual Recruitment

We make recruitment and talent sourcing look so easy with our Virtual recruitment services and assist our clients with remote working employees, using our Virtual Recruitment Process and assist with the remote on boarding of candidates.

African Ambition Consulting can help you perform virtual recruiting in-house, using recruiting platforms for internal HR teams. VR reduces the administrative burden on your business by helping you to source and screen candidates with the right skills and narrowing down the possibilities for you. It’s safe to say that remote work isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay. Offering remote work to your employees will help you remain competitive, relevant, and desirable as a company to work for.

The advantages of remote employees/candidates:

Pre-candidate Checks

Credit status

Qualification validation

Personal details validation

Credit clearance

Work experience referencing

We will help you with remote working talent and we advocate for remote-centric jobs, but we also don’t believe there is one template that fits all. Each company has to do what works best.

The best remote workers are in the following industries:




Digital Marketing


African Ambition has database of remote candidates looking for opportunities in all these above mentioned industries.

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